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I’m asking for your support to continue to research and visually document some of the issues reshaping our societies — from emerging health hazards to some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Many of the emerging topics I cover have implications for thousands and millions of people.

For years, I have used personal resources to finance these projects. This, for instance, includes traveling thousands of kilometers to far-flung neglected rural communities each month and buying equipment worth thousands of dollars. I would love to continue to do this, but it is no longer sustainable for me as the scope of these projects widens. Yet, I cannot ignore these issues and bury my head in the sand.

Some of the projects I’m actively working on include:

  • Snakebite envenoming as a neglected public health crisis
  • Hazardous cookware source materials
  • Wetlands and people
  • Biodiversity loss (mangrove deforestation, habitats loss, wildlife and changing habitats, etc.)
  • Ecosystems under anthropogenic and climate-related pressures
  • Communities/victims/women on the front lines of the climate crisis
  • E-waste, plastic pollution, air pollution, and fast fashion waste
  • Hazardous child labour 
  • Urban marginality and the politics of informalities
  • Enduring poverty among cocoa farmers in Ghana
  • Climate change and fisheries

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