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Muntaka Chasant is an entrepreneur and a social documentary photographer.

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Air Pollution Ghana

Ghana Has The Second Dirtiest Air In Africa – Report

Ghana has the second dirtiest air in Africa, according to the IQAir AirVisual’s 2019 World Air Quality Report.

Agbogbloshie Ghana Society

Urban Outcasts: Children of Agbogbloshie

Urban poverty, children in toxic spaces, and hazardous child labour in photos and a video.

Agbogbloshie Ghana

Agbogbloshie, Ghana: Questions and Answers

A look at Agbogbloshie, Ghana, after the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

Ghana Street Story

Cutlass-Wielding Prisoners Beg For Money on the Streets of Accra, Ghana

Is it OK if society gives prisoners cutlasses and shovels and let them loose on the street to panhandle for money?


Zebra With a Large Hump Spotted in The Ngorongoro Crater

A zebra with a large camel-like hump photographed in the Ngorongoro Crateer, Tanzania.

Urban Outcasts: Children of Agbogbloshie Gallery

See the article below for the story: Related: Urban Outcasts: Children of Agbogbloshie © 2020 Muntaka Chasant Send your photo essay to to publish on MUNTAKA.COM

Photos of The Real Honno-ji Incident Spot in Kyoto

The Honnō-ji Incident refers to Akechi Mitsuhide‘s betrayal of his Lord Oda Nobunaga in the Honnō-ji Temple in Kyoto on June 21, 1582. The daimyō (feudal lord) Oda Nobunaga had firm control over central Japan, having destroyed the Takeda clan in the Battle of Temmokuzan, earlier. His only rivals, Uesugi Kenshin, Mōri Motonari […]

Smiling Men

Peace begins with a smile.. Mother Teresa Livelihood is the epicenter of human struggle, and despite their pain, these men found a moment to be happy. Might have been a joke I cracked or something someone said. Some of these portraits make me smile and weep at the same time. Makes me weep because I […]

Men Smoking Portraits

We sat there smoking cigarattes at 5 in the morning. Charles Bukowski, The Pleasures of the Damned While not a smoker myself, I have always enjoyed the sight of men puffing on cigarettes. I think there’s some character and charm to smokers — tenacious. This makes them great subjects to photograph, in my opinion. Here […]

The Tokyo, Japan, Project

Tokyo, Japan Street Photography The high density of people, crowded crosswalks, narrow alleys, and packed trains make Tokyo an interesting urban environment to capture street life. From Tokyo, Japan, a few years back: Leave your comment below and let me know what you think about these Tokyo street stock. © 2019 Muntaka Chasant Send your […]

Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima Photos

Japan has given so much to the world — from technologies that have made preserving key moments with ever more precision and efficiency to historical events that have changed the course of the modern world. Like Steven Pinker, I have once argued (in an academic context) that we are living through an extended period of […]

In The Rain (Agbogbloshie, Ghana)

I have done several shootings in the rain over the years, but these are a few that have had an impact on me for sometime now. Also Check out This Crucial Article & Documentary Leave your comment below and let me know what you think about these struggling urban men. © 2019 Muntaka Chasant Send […]

Faces Of Urban Struggle

My Life is a Struggle Voltaire It’s 2 A.M here, and I’m up exploring a large collection of unpublished portraits of human suffering in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. There’s a lot of struggle in Ghana’s impoverished urban environment — urban poverty, wretched housing, environmental crisis (air pollution, plastic pollution, etc.). Men yearn for idyllic innocent […]