Muntaka Chasant

Muntaka Chasant here. I’m, among many others, an entrepreneur and a documentary photographer based in Accra, Ghana.

My work focuses on social realism, risky livelihoods, and other emerging challenges — including plastic pollution and climate change.

For, I explore the theme of urban suffering and intervene where necessary — as a human being in the discharge of my duty to society.

My work can be interpreted as a critique of urban society.

How do you convey the very real struggles of people living in a tough, harsh urban environment?

Urban front lines are increasingly becoming spaces where grinding poverty and human suffering manifest most severely.

For me, these urban spaces are filled with inviting stories and subjects.

My photography seeks to articulate the lived experiences of the urban poor with the ultimate goal of contributing to the contemporary debates about justice, space, and the city.

“Fellowship With The Defeated”

Having spent a great deal of my young adult life wandering through some of the world’s most extreme places, I’m dedicating the rest of my youth at the urban front line. To capture contemporary urban realities, dig deeper into the trenches of urban struggle, and collects firsthand stories of people on the front lines.

Dr. Rieux’s response to Tarrou in The Plague sums up how I feel about my subject.

I feel more fellowship with the defeated than with saints.


The pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. Feel free to say hello to me via the email or contact form below, and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Good luck and stay safe!

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