Plastic pollution in Ghana: Two urban poor men recover recyclable plastics in the Korle Lagoon in Accra to sell for pennies. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Fisheries and climate change: A poor fisherman gets ready to cast his net — once again — over the Amisa Lagoon in Ghana after repeat attempts without a single catch. Ocean warming is altering marine fish productivity and distribution. This has increased the incidence of poverty among small-scale fishers in Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Climate change in Ghana: Fisherman casts a net over the Amisa Lagoon in Ghana. He had attempted several times without a single catch. He also gets zero catch when he goes out to sea. Ocean warming and factors such as 'saiko,' light and blast fishing have contributed to the increased incidence of poverty among canoe fishers in Ghana. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
DJI Mavic Air 2 Photo Quality: Traditional fishing canoes in Ghana. The Mavic Air 2 Drone has excellent image quality, aside from its stunning 4K video quality. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
African children smiling: An estimated 2 in every 5 children (more than 300 million) African children will be living in extreme poverty by 2030, according to the Think Tank Overseas Development Institute. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Child labour image: A 15-year-old boy engaged in hazardous child labour is using his bare hands to dig into a mixture of dirt and small metals, including rusty nails. He is sifting dirt from the metals before selling them at $0.15 per kilo at Agbogbloshie, Ghana. An estimated 73 million children worldwide aged 5-17 works are in dangerous working conditions, according to ILO statistics. © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Pain and struggle image: Photograph of a young man in a desperate struggle to survive in a cold, harsh urban environment. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
Sodom and Gomorrah (Agbogbloshie) slum photo: Man walks on a shaky wooden bridge across the Agbogbloshie drain in Accra, Ghana. Thousands of Accra's urban poor live in the Sodom and Gomorrah slum. Copyright © 2020 Muntaka Chasant
African Elephants: Photo of African Elephants in the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. © 2015 Muntaka Chasant


In The Rain Photos

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying. Charlie Chaplin I shed tears as I caught the moments below, and like Charlie Chaplin, no one noticed. Rain Photography The 16 years old Rafiu below is scrabbling for pieces of AC condenser fins from the ground in the rain. It […]

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Climate Change Livelihoods

Climate Change Effects on Fisheries in Ghana: Causes and Solutions

In a classic Tragedy of The Commons scenario, industrial fishing vessels are dredging up small pelagics reserved for the artisanal sector in Ghana, having already depleted higher trophic species. They tip overboard the unwanted. In response, the canoe fishers are resorting to destructive fishing methods, including using bombs to send a shock wave through the water to maximize their catch and light to attract shoals of fish. The artisanal fishers say they will only stop when the Government stops the trawlers. Climate change is magnifying these vulnerabilities to the extent that fishermen in villages do not go to sea because 'there is no fish in the ocean'. Is the future already here?

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Agbogbloshie E-waste Ghana Society

Agbogbloshie E-waste: Electricity Meters, Transformers and Copper

Agbogbloshie is Ghana's largest e-waste graveyard. Even Ghana's electricity distribution company's energy meters end up there.

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Ghana Korle Lagoon Livelihoods Society

Man Fishes In The Korle Lagoon Due To Plastic Pollution At Sea

The eastern tropical Atlantic ocean is filled with so much plastic debris that a poor Ghanaian fisherman had no choice but to remain ashore to fish in one of the most polluted water bodies on earth instead.

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